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A traditional listing isn’t always the right choice. Before committing to an agent, run the numbers, looking at all the selling options available to you. Discover why more and more people are choosing to sell without an agent, a listing, or months of dealing with the unknown. We make selling simple and stress-free! 

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Do you own a burdensome or unwanted house in the Inglewood area? Do you feel stuck, tired of sinking more and more money into it each month? No matter what condition the house is in or why you need to sell, John Medina Buys Houses will make you a straightforward and direct offer, helping you to sell fast and move on. There is never any risk, hassle or obligation! Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you! (310) 928-9688

We Can Help With Any Burdensome Property Or Situation!

We can buy your Inglewood house! Call today! (310) 928-9688
Whether you are dealing with liens, missed mortgage payments, a messy divorce, a sudden illness, job loss, or damage to the home, we are here to help Our mission is to help homeowners, creating offers and situations that are always in your best interest. If you are dealing with bad tenants, high taxes, or an unwanted inherited property, we are here to help! Learn how a direct sale will impact your personal situation!

We only need basic property information to get started. We will make you a fully-researched and well-thought-out offer designed just for you. We always pay fair and honest prices no matter how quickly you need to close. Find out if a direct sale is the right choice for you before you find yourself locked into a listing agreement with a local Inglewood real estate agent.

A Direct Sale To John Medina Buys Houses Is The Easiest Way To Sell A House In Inglewood, California

You won’t have to deal with the runaround or uncertainty of a listing. You will not have to wait around, wondering when the closing will take place. From day one, you will know exactly how much you are receiving and on what day. We choose the closing date that works best for your schedule. The entire process will happen according to your schedule. Hiring an agent isn’t the best choice for every situation! Get your no-obligation offer now to learn more!

You Wil Never Have To Worry About Us Securing Financing

We have the cash to close on your property right now! We are not dependant on a lender or on your property appraising high enough for a loan to go through. We buy as-is, without the need for a standard inspection or appraisal. If you are looking for a fast and fair way to sell your Inglewood house, get in touch with us today! We make selling simple and direct!

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You don’t have to deal with a burdensome house or the hassles of a traditional listing! We make selling your house simple so you can sell quickly and move on! 

John Medina Buys Houses is buying houses right now in Inglewood and the surrounding areas. If you have said, “I need to sell my house fast,” then give us a call today to find out what we can offer you! The offers are completely risk-free without any obligation or hassles to contend with. Learn about all of your options before making a decision about how to sell your Inglewood house! Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you!