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At John Medina Buys Houses, we work with homeowners who are ready to sell their property right away, without any costs or runaround. We make selling simple and straightforward, always making fair and honest on Montebello area houses. No matter what condition your house is in, we would love to talk to you! Give us a call today! There is never any obligation or commitment! (310) 928-9688

We have been able to help homeowners in all sorts of situations by paying fair prices and closing quickly. Everything we do is completely transparent! We will make you an offer and explain exactly how we came up with it. Whether you decide to sell to us or not, you will gain valuable insight into your property and the local Montebello real estate market.

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Let us help you end the hassles, headaches, and stress from an unwanted house in the Montebello area. You don’t have to deal with maintenance costs, repair costs or high property taxes any longer. We make selling your house in the Montebello area quick and efficient, without any cost to you. 

Since Starting Our Business, We Have Seen It All!

We can buy your Montebello house! Call today! (310) 928-9688
We’ve helped Montebello homeowners deal with all sorts of difficult situations. Whether you are dealing with foreclosure, divorce, bad tenants, property damage, property liens, bad tenants, or an unwanted inheritance, we will make you an offer! You can always count on being treated with dignity and respect throughout the entire process. We want to help you with a difficult house, getting you out of your unwanted situation fast. 

Come see why more and more homeowners are choosing to sell their homes directly. The simplicity and convenience will make you wonder why you haven’t called us sooner!

Don’t Commit To A Listing Until You Find Out What We Can Offer!

When you sign a listing agreement, you agree to pay your agent’s commission no matter how the house sells. Before you opt to do this, get an offer from us today! By selling to us, you will avoid all agent and repair costs! Run the numbers for yourself! For many houses in the Montebello area, a direct sale simply makes more sense!

In addition: 

  • there are never any agent commissions or fees to worry about
  • we will handle the closing costs in their entirety
  • you will know exactly how much you are receiving for the house and on what day
  • the closing happens on your terms, on the day that best works with your schedule
  • you will not have to worry about negotiations or the sale falling through
  • you won’t have to spend time and money making repairs or even cleaning up!

When you get an offer from John Medina Buys Houses, there is never any hassle or obligation. We want to help you explore your options and run the numbers, ultimately making the selling decision that is right for you. We will never hassle you about a sale.

If you are facing a difficult situation or are struggling with an unwanted house in Montebello or the surrounding areas, we are here to help! Find out if selling directly is the right choice for you!

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