If you have a House or Property to sell, and you’re trying to find the fastest, easiest stress-free option, read on…

Sell My House Fast For Cash- Get a Fair Offer

I Buy Houses ALL Over Los Angeles and Orange County.

My Name is John and I’m an investor in Los Angeles.

Everyday we meet with people who are looking for an easier way to sell their houses.

A way without…

  • Paying Commissions.
  • Making Repairs.
  • Having hundreds strangers in your home.
  • Buyers asking you to fix things.
  • Buyers haggling over price.
  • Appraisals that costs you thousands.
  • Inspections that pick your property apart for every little flaw.
  • Waiting 3 to 6 months for the property to be prepped, listed, negotiated, and closed.
  • Falling out of escrow and starting all over again.
  • All the neighbors knowing your personal business.

So when they search for ways to sell their house, they’re looking for a way they can avoid this. Well, you’re in luck because you can sell your property without doing any of any of the above. Here’s how.

Our 3 Step Home-Buying Process

The steps to getting your home sold with us is simple. The important thing to know is that the first steps are just informational. You are not committing to selling or obligated in any way.

We advise to begin the process by researching your options. If you think we might be a fit, then please get to know us. We want you to read all over the site and do your homework on us so you feel comfortable knowing we are legitimate professionals.

The next step is to give us a call. Either we can call you if you fill out the form on this page or call us direct at 310-928-9688. From there we have a conversation to find out more about your property and situation. This also gives us the chance to tell you more about how we buy houses.

Lastly, if after chatting with us you’re interested in getting an offer, we will set up a time to compile the offer by doing a site visit. From there we will be able to provide an ZERO-obligation offer on the spot.

If it works great, we decide on a close date that works for you and how you’d like to get paid then we open escrow. From there, you tell us how we can help assist with the move and you can start planning the next chapter of your life!

Get To Know Us.

Read our webpages, reviews, look us up on other sites. See what we’re about.

Give us a Call.

Next step is a conversation. Fill out the form or give us a call and we can find out more about your property.

Get a FREE & Fair Offer.

Once we get little info on the property, we can formulate an offer. If it’s one you like, we can get you paid by next week or whatever date works for you.

Aren’t Cash Homebuyers Like this a Scam? And are You Just Gonna Low-Ball Me??

One of the most common questions and concerns we get is whether selling your house to a professional home-buyer who pays CASH is just another scam.

Well I can’t speak for anyone else but no, this is not a scam. Truth is, selling your home for cash is actually quite common. At any given time up to 20-30% of all homes sold sell for cash without any banks or agents involved.

And regarding low ball offers, the answer is NO! We do not make silly and insulting offers to take advantage of distressed homeowners. We make fair offers that allow us to make a profit while factoring the recently sold homes in the neighborhood and the amount of work your property needs.

All our offers are FREE and ZERO obligation. We know this isn’t a good fit for everyone so we won’t get our feelings hurt if it doesn’t work for you. We don’t buy every property we look at.

Want a Zero-Obligation Offer in the next 24 Hours?

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Like what you see but need to do more research?

We don’t blame you!

Selling your house is a very important decision and you should feel 100% comfortable with the route you choose.

One way to do that is do a LOT of research and read up as much as you can about our company and what we’re about.

If that’s you, please dig though our site and learn as much as you can. And once you’re ready, give us a call!

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