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Let’s work together to find the solution that is right for you!  Here are three ways you can sell your Los Angeles House!

#1 – Hire An Agent To Help

Working with an agent is a great choice for homeowners who have the time and money upfront to properly list the house. When working with a Los Angeles real estate agent, you’ll need to prepare the house by having it professionally cleaned, making the necessary repairs, removing clutter, and possibly using a professional or purchasing some items on your own for staging purposes. Once the house is on the MLS, the agent will act as your representative to potential buyers, showing the house and answering questions from interested parties.

There isn’t a set timeline, and it can be difficult to predict when the closing will actually take place. Some houses will sit on the market for months, and once a buyer is found, the closing can be delayed by inspections, repairs, appraisals, and other requirements from the buyer’s lender. If the sale goes through, the seller will need to pay their share of closing costs and commissions at the closing table. Some sellers are able to receive retail price for there homes using this method, however, the costs need to be factored in before a listing agreement is signed.

#2 – Sell The Property On Your Own

Selling the house on your own will require much more work than selling with an agent. Many homeowners opt to sell this way in an effort to avoid the 6%+ commission an agent will typically charge. That said, sellers will often receive much less when selling this way, plus they run the risk of increased liability. Using an FSBO to sell your house will require you to handle all of the paperwork and legalities of the sale.

Selling your Los Angeles house on your own can become time-consuming as well. Marketing your house, showing it to potential buyers, and answering questions both via phone and online, can turn into a lot of work. Selling in this manner is best for individuals with real estate experience under their belt.

#3 – Work With A Professional Home Buyer

Over the past few years, more and more sellers have been looking at alternative ways to sell their properties. A popular option among many homeowners in the LA area has been to work with a professional buyer on the sale of their home. However, keep in mind that not all professional home buyers are the same.

When you work with John Medina Buys Houses, you won’t have to endure property showings, repair costs, miscellaneous fees, or agent commissions. The process is simple and straightforward, not costing the seller a dime. We can typically close in only a matter of days, allowing sellers across Los Angeles County the ability to sell their unwanted properties quickly, while still receiving a great price.

Our team is committed, reliable and trustworthy. We provide solutions to homeowners who feel burdened by unwanted properties. We help people who need to sell their houses quickly, while still receiving a great price. Below are just a few of the situations we have been able to help local homeowners with.

  • Missed mortgage payments and avoiding foreclosure
  • Unwanted inherited houses
  • Bad tenants or under performing rental properties
  • Vacant or uninhabitable houses
  • A job transfer or job loss.
  • Bills from an unexpected life event or illness
  • A house with an extensive list of needed repairs
  • The need to quickly liquidate in order to purchase another investment
  • Helping to divide assets during a divorce

We pride ourselves on our ability to solve problems big and small. Tell us about what you are dealing with, and we will provide you with solutions to help you out of a stressful situation. Our services can potentially change your life for the better! If you own a house that you need to sell quickly or that is causing you problems, find out how we can help!

Typically, we can provide you with an offer within 24 hours! We can usually close within 7 days of offer acceptance or on your schedule. There is never any cost, obligation, or pressure to sell. Our dedication lies in the communities we serve and the people who live here. We want to help you find THE BEST way to sell your house in the LA area!

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