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When you’re looking to sell your house in Anaheim, the first logical step would be to get in touch with a traditional real estate agent. What most people don’t realize is that selling through an agent is a process that can take many months to complete, with no actual guarantee that their house will get sold. Also, real estate agents will charge commission and all sorts of other fees that can quickly add up, reducing the amount of money you get from selling your house.

Sometimes, you may want to sell your house quickly. Maybe you want to move closer to your family after a family emergency. Maybe you’re finding the mortgage payments too much to keep up with. Or maybe you’ve inherited a property that you just don’t want to maintain. In these instances, you really do want your house to get sold as quickly and painlessly as possible, and going through a traditional agent might not be the best idea.

Our service is different because we buy houses for cash directly. We don’t find you buyers; we are the buyers. We offer you a guaranteed cash offer, regardless of the condition of your house, and you can have your house sold and cash in hand in a couple of days.

We can close in about a week so you could pick up your check as soon as next week at closing. Yes, that’s much faster than using real estate agents and bankers. Find out more info about how we buy houses fast here.

How Do I Sell My House Fast in Anaheim?

It has never been easier to sell your house for cash in Anaheim. Our simple process comprises of only three steps. We work to your timeline, offering convenience and stability no matter your situation.

Step 1

Call or Submit
Your Info

Call or SubmitYour Info

We review the details of your home and set an appointment to meet with you.

Step 2

Meet With Us
At Your Home

Meet With UsAt Your Home

We walk the property with you. Once we view the property, we present you with a fair cash offer.

Step 3

Choose Your
Closing Date

Choose YourClosing Date

We can close on your schedule, whether you need a fast or slow closing. Sell your house on your terms.

We Buy Houses Anaheim

We buy houses Anaheim homeowners need to offload quickly. We offer cash to help you move on with your life. We work in the area, and we know the different markets, allowing us to offer you the best price possible for your property. We specialize in making the selling process as easy and pain-free as possible for California homeowners.

We’re able to make fair cash offers because we’re investing in your property and there are no outside parties involved in the sale. We make sure we can back up our offers with funds that we already have available, so there are no delays in the selling process. Our process is designed with you, the seller, in mind. You control the closing date according to your specific schedule, and you can set either a short or long closing period.

Many traditional real estate agents will need a house to be touched-up and any issues repaired before they put it on the market, and that’s with no guarantee that the house will get sold. We buy Anaheim houses in any condition, even those that have been damaged or need extensive repairs. We don’t need you to do the repairs for us. We buy houses Anaheim residents might not have treated well. By not needing to repair your house, you will save time, energy and money that would have otherwise been spent on repairs.

Sell Your House Fast in Anaheim

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If you want to sell your house fast in Anaheim, you don’t want to go through a traditional agent. While some people sell their houses quickly, other houses can stay on the market for months or even years. When working through an agent, there are plenty of delays before the house even goes on the market. There’s no guarantee that a house will get sold within a given time-frame. Realtors will also charge fees throughout the process, meaning you get less money out of the sale than you would have expected.

If you’re falling behind on your mortgage payments or you’ve inherited a house that you don’t want to spend money on, you need to sell your house fast. When we view your Anaheim house, we already want to buy it, so you don’t have to spend time looking for a buyer. We make you a fair cash offer that we know we can afford to pay, so you’ll get the money within a week of accepting the offer. Nothing could be easier or faster than working with our Anaheim house buying service.

How Our Service Works

When you get in touch with us about selling your house, you have total control over the process. We’ll arrange a meeting to view the house at a time and date that suits you. Once we’ve examined the property and taken a walk-through with you, we give you a no obligation cash offer. You are then in control over the closing date. If you need the cash to cover a mortgage or you’re not living in the house, you can set a short closing date to get the property out of your hair as quickly as possible. If you need to make any arrangements, you can set a longer closing date. We’re flexible and will work around your terms and schedule.

By offering you cash, we make the selling process quick and hassle-free. You don’t have to worry about spending money – either on repairs or on real estate agent commissions – to sell your property. We save you time by ensuring that you get the money within a week, so you don’t have to hope that your estate agent finds a buyer who has funds to buy the property. We want to help you get rid of the property that is dragging you down as quickly and easily as possible.

What to Do Next

If you’re thinking, “Yeah, I want to sell my house fast in Anaheim,” you’ve come to the right place. You can get in touch with us by filling in the form below or by giving us a call at (310) 928-9688. Once we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll set a date for the viewing. After that, we’ll make you an obligation-free guaranteed cash offer. Since we don’t deal with banks and have the funds on hand, once you’ve accepted our offer, you’ll have the money in hand within a week.

Our goal is to make selling your house fast as easy as possible. You don’t have to worry about spending money and time repairing and cleaning your property. You don’t have to wait for a buyer for months and then risk the buyer not being able to afford the house. You don’t have to fill in pages and pages of paperwork. With us, the process is simple. You call us, and we make you an offer. If you accept the offer, you’ll have your cash ready in as little as a week.

We buy houses Anaheim homeowners no longer want, need, or cannot afford. Give us a call to see how simple it is to sell your house in Anaheim.

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Imagine getting a fair offer for your house within 24 hours from now. Then walking away from closing with cash in your pocket as soon as next week. What would you do? Where would you celebrate?

Our goal is to make your life simple and easy. We can help you move on to the next phase in your life and get this house stress behind you. Of course, we will buy your house for a fair and honest amount.

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We buy houses in Los Angeles regardless of condition. Our obligation-free process reduces hassle and stress, and will allow you to unburden yourself from your unwanted property quickly and easily. Use our simple form below to let us know about the property and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a fair written offer for cash.
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We buy houses from people who are in tough situations, such as the death of a family member, foreclosure, divorce, difficult rental property, unaffordable repairs, and many others. We can help people by buying their Anaheim property at a fair price and using all cash. 

Many people who call us are just too busy to prepare their property to be for sale on the market. If that sounds like you, then let us know and we’ll give you a fair all-cash offer.

Tired of putting up with the hassle of owning a property? Do you wish you could skip the time-consuming process of waiting months for a real estate agent to find a buyer? We can help. We buy houses directly from homeowners. Call us at (310) 928-9688 and we’ll explain how we can help you and your specific situation.

We buy houses in Anaheim, CA 92805 and all surrounding areas of Los Angeles. If you’re thinking “I need to sell my house fast in California”, then connect with us because we’d love to make you a fair no-obligation no-hassle offer. Take it or leave it. You’ve got nothing to lose 🙂